IMPORTANT Freeze Damage Information

by The Butler Corporation

If your van cannot be parked in a heated garage during the winter months and the temperature is expected to be below freezing (32°F), it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to WINTERIZE your Butler System. The Butler Corporation’s warranty does not cover freeze damage. If freeze precautions are not taken, you are risking expensive damage to the Butler System. With a few basic procedures, freeze damage can be avoided.

If the Butler System has experienced a freezing situation anywhere within its components, there is a possibility that other unforeseen complications may appear sometime in the future. Replacing the part or parts that were obviously damaged from freezing will solve the immediate problem. However, it is unseen damage that may cause one or more of the System’s components to fail at any time. Exposing any mechanical component to freezing will put excessive stress on that component and may cause distortion and premature part failure. This distortion may not become evident for months. In fact, a part may fail in the middle of the summer, and its cause is the direct result of freezing during the past winter.

The Butler System Owners Manual includes a section that provides the required procedures to winterize the Butler System in an effective, safe, and environmentally sound manner.

Winterizing Kit

We also offer a Winterizing Kit designed for winterizing the Butler System and help prevent freeze damage by circulating windshield washer antifreeze fluid through the hoses, pressure pump and heat exchanger, etc.

Butler Customer Service Representatives will be pleased to provide further assistance at 800.535.5025.

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