New 10 Year Warranty

by The Butler Corporation

Ten Year Warranty

Beginning September 1, 2009 every new Butler System will be warranted for 10 years. Click here to learn more.

The Butler System's 10-year warranty is provided at no additional cost, with no limitation on machine hours and may be transferred at no additional charge. Warranty coverage includes all major components: the Shaft-Drive System, High Pressure Pump, Detergent Injection System, Vacuum/Blower, Heat Exchanger, Fresh Water Holding Tank, Recovery Tank, Vacuum Hose Reel, Pressure Hose Reel, Holders, Racks, Trays and Shelving, etc.

Everyone who purchases a new Butler System, regardless of the vehicle in which it is installed and regardless of the options, receives “The Butler Extended 10-Year Warranty.” The extended warranty applies to a new Butler System originally purchased from The Butler Corporation and provides coverage to sp

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