by Paul Joao

1 Year Warranty

The industry’s only FACTORY RECONDITIONED truckmount is restored, both in performance and appearance, to its original condition and equipped with standard features comparable to a new Butler System. A reconditioned Butler System offers customers price savings, without compromising quality or pride of ownership. 

ONE YEAR WARRANTY coverage includes: the Driveshaft, High Pressure Pump, Detergent Injection Pump, Vacuum/Blower, Silencer, Heat Exchanger, Fresh Water Holding Tank, Recovery Tank, Vacuum Hose Reel, Pressure Hose Reel, Holders, Racks, Trays, Shelving and more. A FACTORY RECONDITIONED Butler System can be installed in a new or pre-owned vehicle and may be financed or leased. 

Please call us at 800-535-5025 for more information 

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