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Congratulations to Mr. Don Pricco

Being loaded this morning and on its way soon to East Lansing, Michigan!

Yes, other colors are available!

Congratulations and thank you to Mr. Don Pricco, Owner of Pricco's Carpet & Furniture Cleaning of East Lansing, MI!
Don has been in business approximately 30 years and has been a Butler System owner since 1988! We sincerely appreciate his business for all these years. He has purchased many Butler Systems from us in that period of time. We wish him and his family continued success!

Thank you from our entire staff.

Congratulations to Chris Longo

Congratulations to Chris Longo owner of Longo Carpet Cleaning of Agawam, Massachusetts! Chris took delivery of his newest Butler System and van at our facility, he has been a long time customer and friend, he started his business nearly 30 years ago! Chris specializes in all aspects of floor care as well as restoration work, he had a very humble beginning starting off working part time with portable equipment, and now is running several truckmount systems in his business! What a great success story! From our entire staff we sincerely thank Chris for his years of business and wish him continued success!

Thank You to Mark and Yvonne Helmer

A sincere thank you from our entire company goes out to Mark and Yvonne Helmer the proud owners of ABC Carpet Cleaning, located in Rochester New York. They recently took delivery of their newest Butler System and "red" van, congratulations! 
Mark and Yvonne have been Butler System owners for over 25 years! We appreciate all their support and referrals through out the years! We appreciate their business and wish them continued success in the future!

Dave from Horizon transport hard at work, loading vans for delivery to Ken Snow of Hagopian Cleaning Service in Oak Park, MI. and Michael Cheek of M.C. Cleaning Service in Woodridge, IL.

The Butler Corporation and its entire staff wants to thank, Mr. Eric Lippi of E.J. Lippi Cleaning Services, from Wyoming, PA. for the purchase of his New Butler System and van!

The Butler Corporation wants to thank, Mr. Dan Warriner of Clean Plus, from Hornell, NY. for the purchase of his Reconditioned Butler System and New Chevrolet Van!

On behalf of our entire staff we wish to congratulate and thank Darrell and Landon McConaghy, of Merle's Steam Clean, from Madison, South Dakota, for the purchase of their new Butler System and van! Darrell has been a loyal Butler System owner since 1993! 

Ten Year Warranty

Beginning September 1, 2009 every new Butler System will be warranted for 10 years. Click here to learn more.

The Butler System's 10-year warranty is provided at no additional cost, with no limitation on machine hours and may be transferred at no additional charge. Warranty coverage includes all major components: the Shaft-Drive System, High Pressure Pump, Detergent Injection System, Vacuum/Blower, Heat Exchanger, Fresh Water Holding Tank, Recovery Tank, Vacuum Hose Reel, Pressure Hose Reel, Holders, Racks, Trays and Shelving, etc.

Everyone who purchases a new Butler System, regardless of the vehicle in which it is installed and regardless of the options, receives “The Butler Extended 10-Year Warranty.” The extended warranty applies to a new Butler System originally purchased from The Butler Corporation and provides coverage to sp

The Butler Maximum Heat Exchange System

The Butler Maximum Heat Exchange System's revolutionary design allows the Butler System to operate at water temperatures up to 240F* without compromising the simplicity, quality and reliability that has distinguished the Butler System since 1980.

The Butler Maximum Heat Exchange System captures heat from the van's engine coolant and vacuum/blower exhaust without bypassing water or adding any other controls or fluids. The Butler Maximum Heat Exchange System is offered as an option on new Butler Systems.

*Water temperatures can exceed 250F.

If your van cannot be parked in a heated garage during the winter months and the temperature is expected to be below freezing (32°F), it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to WINTERIZE your Butler System. The Butler Corporation’s warranty does not cover freeze damage. If freeze precautions are not taken, you are risking expensive damage to the Butler System. With a few basic procedures, freeze damage can be avoided.

If the Butler System has experienced a freezing situation anywhere within its components, there is a possibility that other unforeseen complications may appear sometime in the future. Replacing the part or parts that were obviously damaged from freezing will solve the immediate problem. However, it is unseen damage that may cause one or more of the System’s components to fail at any time. Exposing any mechanical component to freezing will put excessive stress on that component and may cause distortion and premature part failure. This distortion may not become evident for months. In fact, a part may fail in the middle of the summer, and its cause is the direct result of freezing during the past winter.