Upholstery Detergent -1 Gallon Container


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An exclusive mildly acetic, upholstery cleaner for use in truckmounts and portable extraction machines.

Butler Maximum Upholstery Detergent is exclusively formulated with soil and stain penetrating agents to effectively clean fabrics that can be wet cleaned. Oily stains, greases and resins are emulsified for quicker and easier removal, leaving a clean fresh fragrance. Use as a primary rinse or "flushing" agent for suspended soils following the application of Butler Maximum Upholstery Pretreatment.

MIXING: Dilution Ratio: 1 part Butler Maximum Upholstery Detergent to 320 parts water (the equivalent of 2 fluid ounces per 5 gallons of water).

Packaged: 1 gal. container
RTU pH: Mildly acetic depending on dilution
Flashpoint: Non-combustible
Freezing Point: 32°F

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