Carpet Fragrance And Freshener - Apple - 1 Gallon Container

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Use as a post treatment to leave carpet smelling fresh and clean.

Note: Carpet Fragrance and Freshener should be applied after all cleaning procedures have been performed. Carpet Fragrance and Freshener is not a deodorizer. For deodorizing, use Butler Maximum Deodorizer.

MIXING: Dilution Ratio: 1 part Butler Maximum Carpet Fragrance and Freshener to 8 parts water (the equivalent of 16 fluid ounces per 1 gallon of water).

Application: Using a pump-up or electric sprayer with an 8005 spray jet: Mix 16 fluid ounces of Butler Maximum Carpet Fragrance and Freshener to 1 gallon of cool to warm water. Spray solution evenly on the carpet at a rate of 1 gal per 400 square feet.

Packaged:1 gal. container
RTU pH: Neutral
Flashpoint: Nonflammable
Freezing Point: 32°F

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