Pressure Spray Applicator (Modified Hydro-Force™)

  • Activated by attaching to high-pressure hose
  • Ideal for applying pretreatment or post treatment products
  • Automatically mixes full-strength liquid with water at a controlled ratio
  • Applies product hot or cold
  • Heavy-duty Pressure Spray Gun with quick disconnect
  • Sure and comfortable hand grip constructed of high-impact plastic
  • 20" extension lance with insulated grip
  • Positive trigger shut-off
  • High-pressure extension hose with crimped fittings and quick disconnect
  • Dramatically reduces application time
  • Eliminates need for extra Pump-Up Pressure Spray Tanks
  • Increases cleaning results
  • Sprays evenly under a constant pressure
  • Easy to change product containers
  • Ability to easily change dilution ratios
  • One #8005 brass Pre-Spray Applicator Nozzle with quick disconnect
  • No adjustment required to the Butler System
  • One #2508 stainless steel Pressure Washing Nozzle with quick disconnect provided, so Pressure Spray Gun may be used separately for pressure washing
Price: $359.00

Additional Containers

Price: $6.00 each

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