UltraQuiet Noise Reduction System

The Butler Corporation is pleased to announce our new UltraQuiet Noise Reduction System, featuring Dynamat® products, the automotive sound and vibration elimination specialists. These Dynamat® products reduce the sound level of the Butler System by as much as 50% or more. Our new UltraQuiet Noise Reduction System complies with all known state and local noise ordinances for both day and night commercial and industrial operation, as well as, most state and local sound level limits for residential neighborhoods. In addition to reducing sound, these products also thermally insulate the interior of the van for more efficient heating and cooling.

All Dynamat® products are custom cut and fitted to accommodate the unique sound reduction requirements of the Butler System. The van's roof, walls and floor are first covered with Dynamat® Extreme to direct the sound causing vibrations into silent energy. Next, the roof and walls are covered with Dynacore®, a cleanable 1" thick crinkled flat black thermo-acoustic fiber that absorbs and dissipates sound. The ribs of the van are then covered with white aluminum trim panels, designed to complement the overall appearance. The floor is covered with Dynadeck®, a 5/16" thick insulating and sound reduction matting, with a durable black textured heavy duty finish.

Available for both new and reconditioned vans prior to the installation of the Butler System.

Price: $0.00

$2,295.00 for Standard Length Van
$2,495.00 for Extended Length Van

The Butler System decibel level (dB) readings range from 60 dB at 40 feet to 50 dB at 100 feet. 50 dB sound is the equivalent to a moderate rainfall or a normal level of speech. Ambient sound in metropolitan and urban areas typically range from 60 to 70 dB. Suburban neighborhoods typically range from 45 to 50 dB. Most noise level ordinances are measured at the property limits, not at the source/vehicle. Familiarization with state and local ordinances is recommended.

Weather conditions and the surrounding environment will affect ambient sound and decibel readings. Our test readings were taken outdoors in the guest parking area at The Butler Corporation on a sunny, 54 degree day, with a 30% humidity reading and a wind speed of 7 mph. We tested a standard length GM van, closed and locked, equipped with an open Hose Guide/Security Door, a Maximum Vacuum/Blower System, Maximum Heat Exchange System and the Unit set to the highest speed (1750 RPM).

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