Upholstered Interior Panels (Standard)

  • Fitted between ribs on walls and roof of van (factory panels normally supplied on doors)
  • 1/2" neoprene backing
  • Durable, washable, nylon fabric
  • Reduces interior heat loss in winter
  • Maximizes air-conditioning comfort in summer
  • Protects walls from scratches and dents
  • Provides for quieter interior
  • Reduces machine noise
  • Applied with 3M™ adhesive
  • Formed aluminum covers attach over existing ribs to enhance factory appearance (available in white only)
  • Provided with or without foil-backed, air-bubble padding under floor covering in cargo area (floor covering standard with the Butler System)
  • Fabric color black
  • Backing color black
Price: $1,595.00

(standard length van)

Factory installation included.

NOTE: This item is designed for vans only.

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