Storage Tray Units (Standard and shortened widths)*

  • Aluminum construction
  • Located at rear opening for convenient storage of air movers or other large items*
  • Two (2) Storage Tray Units with MidMount and RearMount Fresh Water Holding Tank layouts – one (1) Storage Tray Unit and one (1) Storage Shelf Unit with SideMount Fresh Water Holding Tank layout (see Storage Shelf Unit for details)
  • Two-tier unit
  • Overall height 39"
  • Top tray 42"W x 11"D with 2-1/2" sides (shorter 28"W)*
  • Bottom tray 42"W x 20"D with 2" and 4" sides (shorter 28"W)*
  • Slotted holes through surrounding perimeter to accommodate use with tie-downs
  • Two (2) tie-downs (not shown)
  • Padding on each tray to help protect finish
  • Space under tray units for extra storage
  • Silver texture finish
Price: $475.00

standard (if purchased individually)

Price: $390.00

shortened (if purchased individually)


NOTE: These items are designed for vans only. The Storage Tray Unit and Storage Shelf Unit are replaced with 9' of Adjustable Modular Shelving in Trucks and Cube Vans.

*Storage Tray Units width, depth, height and location will be chosen depending upon other equipment options, Fresh Water Holding Tank, Vacuum and Pressure Hose Reel location and vehicle selected.

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