Detergent Injection System

  • Stainless steel High-Pressure Injection System
  • Uses liquid detergent full strength to minimize detergent waste and eliminate mixing*
  • Stainless steel panel-mounted precision Flow Control Valve
  • Precision Flow Control Valve, once positioned to desired setting, automatically controls detergent flow rate for carpet, upholstery, hard surface and dual-wand cleaning
  • Panel-mounted Flow Meter with Flow Range Indicator for ease of viewing
  • Instant ON/OFF Valve allows detergent flow to be turned ON or OFF without having to re-adjust flow rate
  • Priming Valve for instantaneous priming
  • No detergent passes through High-Pressure Pump or Heat Exchanger except momentarily, when priming Detergent Injection System
  • Color-coded items referenced to Schematic

*Powdered detergent may be used. Requires a Gallon Per Hour (GPH) Flow Control Valve and Flow Meter. Available at no extra charge at time of order.

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