High-Pressure Pump

  • High-Pressure Pump customized to Butler specifications
  • Electric Clutch activation
  • 3-Position Speed Control Switch adjusts pump speed (water volume) for delicate upholstery, carpet, hard surface and “dual-wand cleaning”
  • Easily adjustable Unloader Control Valve increases or decreases pressure to desired setting (350 – 1200 PSI)
  • Stainless steel Pulsation Dampener
  • No hot water or detergent passes through pump except momentarily when priming Detergent Injection System
  • Chrome cylinders and stainless steel valves
  • Teflon® lined, braided stainless steel hoses (except Unloader by-pass)
  • Components attach by threaded stainless steel swivels or brass quick disconnects
  • Color coordinated Water Pressure Gauge with quick disconnect
  • Easy-View Oil Level Indicator
  • Panel-mounted Oil Drain Valve with braided stainless steel connecting hose­ – for ease of servicing
  • Complimentary pint of oil for first oil change
  • Color-coded items referenced to Schematic

NOTE: Pump capacity is 5 gallons per minute at 500 PSI pressure. Dual use of some rotary jet scrubbers and multi-jet wand combinations could decrease hot water temperature, water pressure and water flow. Adjustments and/or modifications may be necessary.

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