Hose Guide and Security Door

  • Stainless steel door and surrounding
  • 3-1/2" diameter aluminum sleeve with smooth bore will allow hoses to glide easily through opening
  • Steel Door Edge Guide protects vehicle’s door edge mouldings and paint finish
  • Located at side or rear door of vehicle*
  • Close and lock vehicle while machine is in operation
  • Secure valuables in vehicle
  • Protect machine and vehicle from inclement weather
  • Operate in extreme heat or sub zero temperatures
  • Reduce noise levels in residential areas and/or during night time hours
  • Reduce liability by preventing unauthorized personnel, children or pets from entering vehicle or accessing machine
  • Align hose for ease of removal and rewinding on both Vacuum and Pressure Hose Reels
  • Satin black finish

*An optional second Hose Guide/Security Door may be added at the side or rear door to accommodate a second set of hoses. See “Optional Equipment Section” for second Hose Guide/Security Door details.

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