Instrument Panel

  • Aluminum construction
  • Black, white and silver panel is stain, detergent and scratch-resistant with each item clearly identified
  • Key Activated On/Off Switch
  • Matching color coordinated and illuminated gauges including:
    • Water Temperature Gauge
    • Hour Meter*
    • Vacuum Gauge
    • Tachometer
    • Water Pressure Gauge with quick disconnect (inside shroud)*
  • Precision Detergent Flow Control Valve – stainless steel
    choice of CC (cubic centimeters) or GPH (gallons per hour) valve
  • Detergent Flow Range Meter – choice of CC or GPH meter
  • Dual LED color coordinated and illuminated rocker switches including:
    • Engage System – with 8-second restart/delay feature
    • Engage Pump – high-pressure pump
    • Speed Control – Low, Normal and High speed positions
  • Dual LED illuminated rocker switch for 12-Volt Auxiliary Outlets located on the Instrument Panel and Recovery Tank for use with equipment such as the optional Pump-Out System and external lighting (See “Optional Equipment Section” for details)
  • Oil Level View Port for viewing oil level in High-Pressure Pump
  • Panel mounted Lubricating Port for conveniently servicing Vacuum/Blower
  • Pressure Hose Quick Disconnects for attaching two (2) high-pressure hoses
  • Hot Water Convenience Outlet with stainless steel shut-off valve and extension hose to dispense variable temperature water for conveniently mixing cleaning products
  • Cold Water Convenience Inlet with stainless steel shut-off valve and quick disconnect fitting for connecting Supply (garden) Hose directly to machine
  • Panel-mounted Oil Drain Valve for ease of servicing High-Pressure Pump
  • Vinyl-coated Drip Tray with removable grate to help prevent water from dripping onto floor covering and cargo area when connecting and disconnecting hoses
  • High-Intensity Light located inside Equipment Shroud with on/off switch to illuminate machine components
  • Color-coded items referenced to Schematic

*Gauges are not designed to be illuminated

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