Recovery Tank

  • Stainless steel construction with stainless steel interior frame, bracing and baffling
  • 110-gallon tank provides storage of recovered water for future disposal*
  • Two (2) removable lids and multi-pitched bottom for ease of periodic cleaning
  • Inside bracket on lid to store the lid when changing or cleaning filter bag
  • Removable nylon filter bag collects debris as recovered water enters the tank
  • 2" Drain Valve for emptying tank rapidly
  • Recovered water is piped to underside of vehicle to a 2" male cam-lock receptacle fitting (fitting adapts to an extension hose used for remote disposal, see “Optional Equipment Section” for Recovery Tank Extension Hose details)
  • Auxiliary DC Outlet to power optional Automatic Pump-Out System
  • Machine automatically shuts off when tank is full
  • Sight Indicator with float to easily view water level in tank
  • Stainless steel Screen Filter helps prevent debris from entering Vacuum/Blower
  • Dual-wand fittings included
  • Non-restrictive air flow design
  • Silver texture finish

*Holding capacity may be reduced due to auto-off feature and parking angle when filling.

NOTE: A sign “Operating the Butler System Safely” is attached to each Recovery Tank, reminding operator(s) of the importance of safety. Sign location may vary depending upon vehicle and Optional Equipment selected.

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