Standard Vacuum / Blower System

  • Vacuum/Blower customized to Butler specifications with Low, Normal and High speed features
  • 3-position Speed Control Switch adjusts Vacuum/Blower speed (air volume) for delicate upholstery, carpet, hard surface and “dual-wand cleaning”
  • Capacity to displace 375 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM)
  • 2 1/2" Smooth-Flow Fittings, hose and couplers from Recovery Tank through entire Vacuum/Blower and Silencer System for maximum performance and air flow
  • Automatic Belt Tensioner
  • Easy-View Oil Level Indicators
  • Panel-mounted Lubricating Port for convenient servicing (not shown)
  • Remote Oil Drain Valves for ease of servicing
  • Exhausts through Ultra-Quiet Silencer System located underside of vehicle
  • Complimentary quart of Vacuum/Blower oil for first oil change
  • Color-coded items referenced to Schematic
  • Light gray finish

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