Butler Supplies Showroom

The Butler Corporation's Supply Division

Our Supply Division is devoted to providing a complete line of cleaning products, accessories, carpet, fabric, fire and water restoration equipment for the cleaning and restoration industry.

Our personalized and considerate service representatives add value to our quality products by staying on top of current market trends and new product developments. Our service department can promptly respond to customer inquiries and provide meaningful instruction and technical support.

Butler Maximum Guarantee

Your satisfaction is guaranteed on all Butler Maximum cleaning products or we will "double your money back".

Courteous Service

The Butler Corporation is committed to prompt, friendly and courteous service. Our staff is dedicated to serving your needs and is devoted to ensuring that your experience as a Butler customer is rewarding. We continue to stay in communication with our customers with a friendly phone call or with updated information of a professional interest. Customers with suggestions or concerns are encouraged to contact us at any time by phone or email. Our toll free telephone service at 800.535.5025 is available throughout the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii) and Canada.

The Butler Corporation is committed to friendly, convenient and courteous service.

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