The Butler System

The latest technology, combined with our tradition of hands-on craftsmanship, has truly defined the Butler System for over 35 years. This quality, multi-use carpet, fabric and hard surface cleaning and restoration machine; has been specifically engineered for customers whose primary focus is on reliability and productivity. The Butler System is especially appreciated by those who work in extreme climates, operate their businesses in remote locations or where reliable local service is not available. 

The Butler System is manufactured by dedicated employees with years of experience and attention to detail. The utilization of our shaft-drive technology and the strategic location of each component have maximized cargo area spaciousness. The thoughtful layout and the use of modular components, demonstrate the importance we place on accessibility, ease of use and serviceability. Modular components, such as, the high-pressure pump, detergent injection system and the heat exchange system, etc.; incorporate the use of stainless steel braided hoses, quick disconnects and JIC swivel fittings. All electrical wiring harnesses are constructed to automotive "industry standards” and are color coded for ease of identification. Holding tanks, hose reels and shelving, etc. are manufactured from selected grades of stainless steel and aircraft aluminum and each are protected with our exclusive, durable, five-step silver textured finish. 

Often perceived as expensive, because of its extensive combination of Standard Features, first time customers are genuinely surprised to learn how competitively priced the Butler System is; at only $24,995.00. With our exclusive selection of Optional Equipment, vans, cube vans and trucks, you may individualize your Butler System to satisfy your personal and professional requirements.

No other truckmount is simpler to operate, more reliable, easier to maintain, quieter, lasts longer, has a transferable 10-Year Warranty, a Buy-Back Guarantee or demands the Highest Resale Value. The Butler System is backed with an extensive inventory of replacement parts, available for immediate shipment, for every machine manufactured since 1980. There are numerous Butler Systems that are over 20 years old, hundreds with over ten thousand hours, and vehicles with hundreds of thousands of miles; still in operation daily. See Warranty Booklet for complete coverage details and limitations. 

Vehicle selection, vehicle options, convenience, availability, competitive pricing and ease of financing are why most customers choose from our expansive inventory of new and pre-owned vehicles. Individual owner preferences can usually be satisfied by selecting a new or pre-owned vehicle from the hundred or more that we may inventory at any one time. 

There are many ways to finance your Butler System and vehicle. Our Finance Department will be pleased to confidentially assist you with financing, leasing or lease-to-own programs that are exclusive to Butler customers. All the latest information regarding current Offers and Incentives are provided for your convenience. 

The Butler System is showcased annually at regional trade shows and national conventions. In addition, we inventory new machines and vehicles in various regions of the country for our sales representatives to provide personal demonstrations. Personal Demonstrations can also be arranged for you through one of our thousands of Butler System owners; located throughout the United States, Canada, Bermuda, St. Martin, Cayman Islands and Puerto Rico. You are also welcome to visit our factory, observe the manufacturing of the Butler System firsthand and experience the importance we place on product quality and customer service.

Your review of this website and valued consideration is appreciated. We believe in offering our services well before the sale. The purchase of cleaning and restoration equipment should be a rewarding experience. It is our responsibility to provide the information and knowledge necessary for you to make an informed decision. We have the experience to help you select the appropriate equipment, options and vehicles that will best suit your business needs.

Please do not hesitate to call toll free at 1-800-535-5025 should you have any questions or would like additional information. We also invite you to visit us at our factory and to continue to view our website at for all the latest product information, updates, developments and events.