New Butler Upholstery Tool


The Butler Corporation is pleased to announce that it has developed a new Upholstery Tool. Our new Upholstery Tool features instant "on demand" hot water, a long, lightweight handle with a 3 ½" low profile head, a "soft-padded" cuff, a vinyl coated "light-touch" on/off trigger, adjustable water volume control valve, adjustable vacuum reduction valve, 10' of 1/4"pressure hose routed inside 10' of 1 1/4"vacuum hose and a brass quick disconnect with a "heat-protective" sleeve. The new tool is now available as an Optional Feature for new Butler Systems or can be purchased separately for all existing Truckmounts and Portable Extraction machines.

  • Stainless steel and aluminum construction
  • Designed to clean fabrics ranging from delicate to commercial grade
  • Instant "on demand" hot water
  • Long handle, lightweight, low profile swivel design
  • "Soft-padded" cuff for sure and comfortable hand grip
  • 3 ½" wide stainless steel angled head
  • Single stainless steel jet
  • Adjustable water volume control valve
  • Adjustable vacuum reduction valve
  • Vinyl coated "light-touch" on/off trigger
  • "Soft-padded" cuff for a sure and comfortable hand grip
  • 10' of flexible 1 ¼" vacuum hose with swivel cuff
  • 10' of ¼" coated braided stainless steel pressure hose routed inside vacuum hose
  • 1 ½" vacuum hose and ¼" pressure hose coupler conveniently located 11' away from head to avoid contact with items being cleaned
  • Female brass quick disconnect with "heat-protective" sleeve
  • Remote water filter located at coupler for ease of periodic cleaning
  • No adjustments required to the Butler System

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