Ultra Smooth Wand Glides - 14" Serrated


A Butler wand glide permits the wand to pass easily over all types of carpet and hard surface flooring, enhancing vacuum efficiency, increasing productivity and lessening operator fatigue. The large, nonrestrictive opening allows for the efficient extraction of dust, dirt and hair. The Butler glides are easily installed and are available in two styles - serrated and plain - for all current Butler double bend floor wands. The serrated glide is ideal for use on all types of carpet and smooth hard surface flooring and the plain (non-serrated) glide is best suited for use on rough textured hard surface floors. Glides are constructed of a non-scuff, non-marring, durable, lightweight, composite material.

  • Allows wand to glide exceptionally easily over carpet, tile and all hard surface flooring
  • Lightweight polymer composite material
  • Conforms to operator's height
  • Designed for easy installation and removal
  • Protects baseboard, furniture and trim
  • Non-scuff, non-marring
  • Available in 2 unique designs: Serrated for carpet and smooth hard surfaces, plain for textured hard surfaces (tile, rough concrete, etc.)

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