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Van selection, vehicle options, convenience, availability, competitive pricing and ease of financing are why most of our customers choose from our expansive inventory of new and pre-owned vans. Individual owner preferences can usually be satisfied by selecting a new or pre-owned van, in regular or extended lengths, from as many as one hundred or more that we may inventory at any one time. The Butler System can also be installed in a new van that we can “special order” on your behalf, OR, you may elect to supply an existing van purchased through your own dealer or order from your dealer and have the van “drop shipped” to one of our local dealers. We will be pleased to provide you with the required specifications and recommendations when you are purchasing or ordering a new van in your area or you are supplying an existing van.

The Butler Corporation manufactures specific Butler System components to be in compliance with the vehicle manufacturer’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating* (GVWR). It is important to consider the total of all intended weight to be carried when purchasing or supplying a vehicle for the installation of the Butler System. Weights to consider would include the weight of the vehicle, vehicle options, occupants, the Butler System and options, a full tank of fuel, the amount of water being transported and an additional allocation for other equipment, cleaning products, supplies and tools, etc.

*GVWR is the maximum amount of weight allowable as established by the vehicle manufacturer for the vehicle, equipment, payload, fuel and occupants. 

Note: The Butler Corporation reserves the right to examine any vehicle supplied for installation of the Butler System. We reserve the right to decline installation and be under no obligation to reimburse for any expenses or inconvenience incurred should we determine that the Butler equipment selected would exceed the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating and/or the Butler System is not adaptable to the vehicle or that it would be unsafe to install our system into an existing vehicle.