Fuel Consumption

Gas and Diesel Fueled Engines

There is some important information regarding fuel consumption you may want to consider when purchasing a Butler System.

Fuel consumption with the Butler System in operation is estimated to be 1-1/4 to 1-3/4 gallons of fuel per hour. Consumption may vary from these estimates due to the quality of fuel, the blending of fuel in various regions of the country, summer and winter fuel blends, presence and/or volume of oxygenates and additives, fuel temperatures, octane/cetane ratings, altitude, climate, ambient temperature, condition of the vehicle's engine and the general condition of the Butler System.

Fuel economy estimates for commercial vans and trucks are not provided by the manufacturers. However, customers who have purchased newer models are reporting considerable improvements in fuel consumption over previous model year(s). Fuel consumption is dependent, in addition to the variables listed above, on the payload, driving conditions, terrain and driving habits of the operator.