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Save 5%-10%-20% on Volume Purchases and Shipping Rates!

The Butler Corporation offers the benefit of year round Volume and Shipping Rate Savings. These benefits are offered in the continental United States for both liquid and powdered products. Purchases of liquid and powdered products can be combined for Volume and Shipping Rate Savings of 5%-10%-20%.

Please see chart for details.

Freight costs to ship parts and supplies cannot be precalculated, as each item’s dimensions and weight determines the charges. Therefore, each item or a combination of items must be individually evaluated, packaged and shipped based on what our shipping department determines to be the least expensive method. If you have any shipping questions, require a cost estimate, need expedited shipping or would like to inquire about other shipping options, please call 800.535.5025.


Orders received by 2:00 p.m. (E.S.T.) for UPS delivery will be shipped the same day. Special shipping is available (UPS Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, etc.) by request. Shipping costs are covered to the nearest port for orders shipped outside of the continental United States. View our Purchase & Sale Agreement section for additional information.


Special shipping methods (UPS Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, etc.), hazardous material charges and parts are excluded from the “Shipping Program”.


Shipping charges will be the responsibility of the purchaser for shipments that are refused, undeliverable or for merchandise improperly returned.

Hazardous Materials

Certain products may be classified as hazardous materials. Shipment of these products may be limited to certain freight carriers. Products labeled as hazardous material require additional handling charges.

Freeze/Thaw Instabillity

Products such as Liquid Enzyme and Carpet Protector are not freeze/thaw stable and will not be usable if allowed to freeze. The Butler Corporation has no control over how a carrier protects its freight and therefore cannot be responsible for delivered products that may have been frozen.

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