Guaranteed Buy-Back Program

Trade-in or Cash-in Your Used Butler System and Van

The Butler Corporation offers an exclusive program to provide customers the opportunity to trade-in or cash-in their 15 year old or newer Butler System and van at anytime during ownership. The trade-in/cash-in value for a used Butler System/van originally purchased new from The Butler Corporation, could be as much as 75% (or more) of the original purchase price.

A Butler System/van may be traded-in or cashed-in prior to the termination of a finance or lease agreement. The Butler Corporation will guarantee to pay off the remaining loan balance for customers, who financed their Butler System/van, or the residual (buy-out) amount of a lease up to the trade-in/cash-in value. Customers can use all or part of the buy-back value to purchase a new or pre-owned Butler System/van, OR, they can choose to receive all of the buy-back value in cash.

NOTE: The Butler Corporation is interested in purchasing any used Butler System, 15 years old or newer, with or without the vehicle; that does not qualify for the "Guarantee Buy-Back Program." The "Guarantee Buy-Back Program" is limited to the continental United States.

Buy-Back Condition Report Form

Condition Report Form

Please follow the instructions below;

if you are interested in trading-in or cashing-in your used Butler System/van.

Condition Report

Condition Report


1. Click on Condition Report
2.Fill out on-line or print and fill out.
3. Upon completion, please sign form.
4. Mail or email completed form to:

The Butler Corporation
251 Moody Street Ludlow, MA 01056

Please call 1-800-535-5025 should you require assistance completing this form.