Guaranteed Buy-Back Program

Trade-in or Cash-in Your Used Butler System and Van

The Butler Corporation offers an exclusive program to provide customers the opportunity to trade-in or cash-in their 15 year old or newer Butler System and van at anytime during ownership. The trade-in/cash-in value for a used Butler System/van originally purchased new from The Butler Corporation, could be as much as 75% (or more) of the original purchase price.

A Butler System/van may be traded-in or cashed-in prior to the termination of a finance or lease agreement. The Butler Corporation will guarantee to pay off the remaining loan balance for customers, who financed their Butler System/van, or the residual (buy-out) amount of a lease up to the trade-in/cash-in value. Customers can use all or part of the buy-back value to purchase a new or pre-owned Butler System/van, OR, they can choose to receive all of the buy-back value in cash.

NOTE: The Butler Corporation is interested in purchasing any used Butler System, 15 years old or newer, with or without the vehicle; that does not qualify for the "Guarantee Buy-Back Program." The "Guarantee Buy-Back Program" is limited to the continental United States.

Buy-Back Condition Report Form

Condition Report Form

Please follow the instructions below;

if you are interested in trading-in or cashing-in your used Butler System/van.

Condition Report

Condition Report


1. Click on Condition Report
2.Fill out on-line or print and fill out.
3. Upon completion, please sign form.
4. Email completed form and clearly indicate if you intend to sell your equipment on our website, or wish to participate in the Butler System Buyback Program.

The Butler Corporation
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Please call 1-800-535-5025 should you require assistance completing this form.