Pre-Owned Reconditioned Butler Systems

The industry's only factory "reconditioned" truckmount cleaning and restoration machine.

A "reconditioned" Butler System and van offers customers price savings without compromising quality or pride of ownership.

A "reconditioned" pre-owned Butler System is a machine that may have required repairs, parts, upgrades and/or cosmetic enhancements. A pre-owned Butler System is restored in performance, appearance and equipped with Standard Features, which are comparable to a new Butler System.

Benefits of Ownership

A few of the benefits when selecting a pre-owned "Reconditioned" Butler system are: family owned and operated; quality, value, factory direct sales, service and support; more Standard Features and Optional Equipment choices; individually built at our factory; personalized factory delivery; user-friendly and simple to operate; easier to service and maintain; more reliable; quieter; little knowledge required to operate; no additional power or heat source; minimal heat generated inside vehicle; vehicle can be completely closed and locked for security when operating; exclusive finance and lease programs; 1-Year Warranty; Buy-Back Guarantee; replacement parts for every machine sold in the past 20 plus years; toll free telephone service; same day shipping; highest resale value; and vehicle "upfitter" recognition by General Motors.


The Butler System is powered by an enclosed one-piece driveshaft using the vehicle’s engine as the power source. This method of powering equipment is referred to as a power take-off (PTO). PTOs have been in use since the 1800’s to transmit power from the vehicle’s engine to a separate mechanism. Variations of PTOs are widely used in all commercial applications, including; the trucking industry, farming, construction and industrial equipment, as well as, marine and aircraft manufacturing. Our decision in 1980 to choose the vehicle’s engine as the power source has definitely proven to be the right choice. It is not uncommon to see and hear of Butler Systems that are 20 to 30 years old with over 10,000 hours of running time, installed in the original van, powered by the original engine, with 300,000 miles or more on the odometer.

Standard Features

The Butler System is outfitted with an extensive list of Standard Features that distinguishes it as the most thoroughly equipped, versatile, multipurpose machine in the industry. Each feature is strategically located to enhance cargo area spaciousness, leaving ample room for related equipment and supplies.

“Reconditioned” Standard Features

Preferred Equipment Packages

“Reconditioned” Preferred Equipment Packages compliment the Butler System’s Standard Features and offer substantial savings and added value.

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Optional Equipment

An extensive selection of Optional Equipment is available to help tailor the Butler System to meet your specific personal and business requirements. Each item is integrated with features that are a result of careful planning. These are not “add-on” afterthoughts. Every feature was developed to demonstrate the importance we place on operator efficiency and with the  focus toward operator ease and convenience, which ultimately results in higher productivity.

Optional Equipment

Galleries, Videos & Tours

View photos and videos of the Butler System and vehicles. Take a video tour of our factory.


1-Year Warranty

Every reconditioned Butler System is WARRANTIED FOR 1-YEAR with factory direct service and support at no additional cost.

1-Year Warranty

Pre-Owned "Reconditioned” Butler Systems

A Pre-Owned “Reconditioned” Butler System is restored in performance, appearance and equipped with Standard Features, which are comparable to a new Butler System.

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New and Pre-Owned Vans

Choose from our extensive inventory of new and pre-owned vans, in regular and extended lengths, with various optional features.

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Buy-Back Guarantee

We offer an exclusive program providing you the opportunity to trade-in or cash-in your 15 year old or newer Butler System and van at anytime during ownership.

Buy-Back Guarantee

Supply Division

Over 2 million items in stock. Shop our complete line of cleaning products, accessories, fire & water restoration equipment and more.

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Financing or Leasing the Butler System

We offer various exclusive programs including: no down payment, low interest rates and terms from 24 to 72 months.

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