The industry’s only inventory of vehicles

The industry's only inventory of vehicles

Convenience, availability, competitive pricing and ease of financing are why most customers choose from our extensive vehicle selection. We inventory as many as a hundred or more, new and pre-owned vehicles at any one time; including regular and extended length vans, cube vans and trucks with a variety of optional features.

New vehicles are warranted by the manufacturer for up to 5 years/100,000 miles. Pre-owned vehicles are provided with the remaining balance of the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty or by The Butler Corporation’s exclusive pre-owned vehicle warranty.


Note: The Butler Corporation has been granted by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts a Class I Motor Vehicle and Sellers License that permits us to purchase and sell new and second hand vehicles. The Butler Corporation is not a dealership. We are able to stock and offer for sale an extensive inventory of new vehicles through General Motors and Isuzu Motor Ltd. local dealerships. New vehicles are ordered, received, inspected and prepared for delivery by the manufacturers' dealers. Whether you arrange for a new vehicle through The Butler Corporation and our local dealers or supply your own vehicle, the vehicle warranty fulfillment is responsibility, solely, of the vehicle manufacturer and is provided through their dealer network.