1 Year Warranty


A “reconditioned” pre-owned Butler System is a machine that may have required repairs, parts, upgrades and/or cosmetic enhancements. A pre-owned Butler System is restored in performance, appearance and equipped with standard features, which are comparable to a new Butler System. A written One Year Warranty covering unlimited machine hours is included with each "reconditioned" Butler System. The warranty covers specific parts and components to be free from defects in material and/or workmanship for warranty coverage intervals of 30-days, 90-days and 12 months.

See Warranty Booklet for complete coverage details and limitations.



A pre-owned “reconditioned” vehicle sold by The Butler Corporation is sent to the vehicle manufacturer's "franchised dealership" for a multi-point inspection and is serviced, according to the vehicle manufacturers' recommendations for condition and mileage. Bumpers, glass and all cosmetic trim are repaired or replaced as needed. Tires that are worn “beyond reasonable” are replaced. Previous signage is removed and the vehicle’s body, when needed, is repaired and/or painted prior to final detailing.

Customers may be entitled to receive any remaining portion of the warranty coverage initially provided by the vehicle manufacturer. The Butler Corporation provides a 90-day/3,000 mile, whichever occurs first, 50/50 Powertrain Warranty, when the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty is not in effect at time of purchase or lease.