Butler System in a Chevrolet/GMC Cube Van

The following pictures are provided for reference only. There are numerous combinations of Butler System components from which to choose. Pictures contain standard and optional equipment, accessories and supplies.

Boxes are custom manufactured to our specified requirements for the installation of the Butler System. Each box is manufactured from 5/8" FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood); a translucent roof; hardwood floor with 1/8"aluminum diamond-plate covering, radius corners and trim; 5' side door opening; full-width rear door opening; full-width rear step bumber with modesty panel; side door pull-out step; 4 interior dome lights; 4 rear indicator lights; 4 reverse lights and clearance lights. Interior and exterior lighting have switches at both side and rear doors.

The Butler System installed in a W-Series truck or Savana Cube van will include all the Butler System standard features, as well as, the addition of the Equipment Tie Down Panel and Preferred Equipment Package #1. 

Note: The Storage Tray Unit and Storage Shelf Unit in Preferred Equipment Package #1 will be replaced with approximately 9' to 10' of Storage Shelving.

Preferred Equipment Packages #2, #3 and all optional equipment are available as described. The Storage Tray Unit and Storage Shelf Unit in Preferred Equipment Package #1 can also be purchased separately.

Additional options available include a 200-Gal. Fresh Water Holding Tank, a High Volume (belt driven) Auto- Pump-out System (rated at 12-15 GPM) and Modular Storage Shelving in 3', 4', 6', and 7' lengths.