The Butler Corporation in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the CommonWealth of Massachusetts is considered an essential business being a manufacturer of cleaning products and equipment, therefore, we will remain open for business Monday through Friday 8AM-5PM Eastern Standard Time until further notice. However, access to the inside of our building will be limited.

The following restrictions will apply to customers placing orders or needing emergency repairs:

Customers who need to place an order can still do so online or by phone. Orders received by 2PM Eastern Standard Time will be processed and shipped the same day by UPS or other common carriers. Orders for pick up at our location will be filled and left outside of the building in a designated area for pick up.

We will only be providing emergency repairs at this time. Your vehicle will need to be left in our front parking lot, tanks will need to be emptied, all equipment removed and the vehicle must be cleaned and disinfected inside. For your comfort, when the weather is warm we have an outside sitting area. When the weather is colder we can provide a warm empty van to sit and relax in. Please note that for a longer repair, we suggest customers arrange for transportation back home or to their place of business while the repair(s) is taking place.

Customers taking delivery of their Butler Systems and vans:

If you are in the process of purchasing a Butler System, delivery needs to be coordinated with your salesperson. Customers can elect to either pick up their Butler System at our facility or, we can work with you to coordinate with a transport carrier for direct drop-ship to your facility, or we can deliver your Butler System to our local airport, Bradley International Airport near Hartford CT.

Suppliers and delivery companies:

We will continue to accept deliveries to and from the Butler Corporation during our normal business hours with the following restrictions.

All deliveries will need to be dropped off at our shipping and receiving area on Tyburski St.

All doors will be locked, so please let us know when you arrive and we will further instruct you as to where you may unload.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Butler Corporation