The "New" 2nd Floor

Available as an option with our “New” MidMount Tank design!

This easy to use bi-fold shelf design allows Butler System owners the ability to double their van’s rear floor space. No tools are required to change from folded, to half open or to the fully open position. Shelf locks into place with spring loaded locking pins. With this 2nd Floor you can easily accommodate 8 air movers, in a standard length van, and still have all the space available on the two Storage Tray Units for other related equipment and supplies. The 2nd Floor is constructed of durable lightweight aluminum and supported by 3 folding polished stainless steel tubular legs. The unit occupies only 5” of floor space when folded and not in use. Permanently installs with 2 carriage bolts (supplied). Fits regular and extended length vans. Two adjustable tie-down straps are included. Dimensions: 5” when closed, 21” when half open, 41” when completely open, 35”wide and 20 ½” from van floor to underside of shelf.

Price: $895.00 

Factory installation included.

Note: This bi-fold shelf must be installed in accordance with the Butler System and vehicle combination that complies with the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of the vehicle.

Required location may limit the installation of other additional optional equipment.

Please call us at 800-535-5025 for more information.